How to Prevent Dust mites and keep them infesting Your Mattress

As you know that dust mites are tiny, microscopic members that bloom in large numbers and are generally found anywhere there’s house dust found in every home.  They feed on flakes of human skin, and generally love to hang out in and around your mattress where skin flakes are plentiful. Dust mites do not just attract to homes that are dirty or filthy. In the cleanest of homes, they are not easily eliminated. While there is no sure way to get rid of them for good, there are ways to keep them reduced in numbers. As you analyse that many people are highly allergic to these droppings, and scientists are beginning to correlate dust mites to asthma, as well as other allergic symptoms.


Tips to Prevent Dust mites from mattress:-

  • If it is possible remove soft furnishings throughout the home as these gather dust and provide the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. To get rid from that situation wash bedding weekly and other soft furnishings monthly. With this process it will eliminate most of dust mites from your bedding. 
  • Keep your home humidity levels low. Use a dehumidifier to keep your air below 50% humidity because dust mites don’t like dry air. It is suggest that you run a dehumidifier about 2 to 3 times per week in high humidity regions.
  • The most important point is that Vacuum your all Professional mattress Cleaning  that are covered with cloth to get rid of as much dust as possible. The dust contains substances that may provoke wheezing, coughing or even asthma, and is not to be inhaled if at all possible. Dust and vacuum at least twice a week to help reduce the buildup of allergens. 
  • Always use eco-friendly equipment to get rid from dust mites because Many chemicals and toxins used in conventional cleaning products can trigger or intensify allergy and asthma symptoms.


So it is important to keep your mattress clean. Keeping your mattress clean and keeping the humidity in homes to a lower temperature is the best way to adequately control dust mites in your home. Call Squeaky Green Clean for Mattress Cleaning Melbourne on 0407 727 117.

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