Month: May 2017

How to avoid Damage to Your Carpets with Carpet Cleaning

As you all know that carpet is a wonderful thing in your house, but it can be a real challenge of so many homeowners to keep them fresh and nice. So it is very important to keep it clean because that is healthier for the entire family, pets included. Sometimes your carpet is trapped with juice spills to mud on sneakers and pet accidents, your once beige floor coverings can now look jet black. Besides the unattractive appearance, embedded dirt can present health hazards. But when you perform cleaning to your carpet then it helps to reduce any and all chances of growing molds and creating homes for dust mites.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that carpet cleaning requires professional cleaning services because it is important to avoid mistakes that can seriously harm. Sometimes you use some DIY  Carpet Flood and Water Damage Restoration Melbourne methods which are not so effective, but when you do carpet cleaning mistakes can also cause damage to the carpet that can greatly shorten its life. So at that time vacuuming and professional cleaning are important for a clean your carpet. Work on preventing damage to the carpet by avoiding certain habits, like rubbing stains and using carpet powders.


You all know that carpet is a big investment in your home that adds the value of your home makes your space more comfortable for your family and enhances the design and style of your rooms. So at least twice a year, it’s recommended that you take professional carpet cleaning services which help to clean heavy traffic areas and ground-in dirt and allergens in your carpets and sanitize them to remove bacteria and germs. Squeaky Green Clean specializes in residential and commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne.


Right ways to avoid damage from your carpets:-

  • When you clean your carpet yourself then at that time you use dry vacuum to clean up as much water as soon as possible. There are so many effective tools for removing water and can be avoid from water damage remediation. If you don’t care your carpet after cleaning then over a time it should be captured with mold and other mildew problems. So it is mandatory for you to provide vacuuming your carpet. 
  • In your home where it should be high traffic then at that time you can protect your carpet in high-traffic areas with rugs. At that time rugs are able to stand up to some wear and tear, but that are affordable, so that if they do start to show some wear you will still feel like you got your money’s worth for them.
  • When you want to prevent dirt and water from getting on carpets then at that time you place door mats at every entry way. When you walk over these mats then they can release the debris on shoes before they enter the rest of the space including carpeted areas, which can significantly decrease damage. 
  • The most important way to avoid the damage from carpet then you also uses professional carpet cleaning services. If your carpet is too delicate and it should be expensive then at that time you need professional carpet cleaning company that handles your carpet. They have the materials, skills and experience necessary to remove stains without damaging the colors and eliminate odors without ruining the carpet.