Month: October 2018

Tips for Cleaning Baby Crib Mattress

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It is very important to keep your baby mattress clean. In order to protect your baby from the tiny insects and dust mites, you need to clean your babe mattress frequently. The baby crib mattress might become dirty due to leakage of diapers and hence leaky diapers should be changed in correct time.

  1. Vacuuming the mattress should be done regularly
  2. Using bleach free laundry detergent powder along with warm water will be helpful to clean the mattress.
  3. Using a cleaning dip with the help of a cloth or a sponge can be done. Make sure you do not over dip the cloth or sponge in water as it becomes hard for you to dry the mattress later.
  4. Flip the mattress by spreading some clothes under it. Avoid liquid or any stains while flipping the Mattress Cleaning.
  5. Use lemon drops to remove the stains by dampening slightly on the mattress.
  6. You can dry the mattress in sunshine so that all the tiny insects in the mattress will come out. Add few drops of lemon on the mattress and let it dry in sunshine for some time, lemon in sunlight works as a good bleaching agent to remove all the stains.
  7. Using baking soda mixture on the stains helps you to remove the stains on the mattress completely. In case of any odors also baking soda will be very helpful to avoid them.

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Things Required For Cleaning The Mattress:

  1. Vacuum cleaner attached with a brush
  2. Bleach-free detergent powder
  3. A cloth or a sponge
  4. Lemon
  5. Baking soda
  6. Big clothes or towels to spread under the mattress while flipping.

Launder the babe mattress once in a week at least and try to clean the mattress once in every two or four weeks. Set the temperature as 130 degrees Fahrenheit to launder the mattress so that you will be able to eliminate the tiny insects and dust mites easily. You can use a crib mattress cover to maintain the mattress in a very good manner. Using latex mattress to clean is proved to be more effective.

Make sure you do not use harsh chemical detergents or products to clean the crib mattress as it may affect your baby. Clean the mattress completely, if you start cleaning, do not leave the cleaning process in the middle as the products used to clean may rest on the mattress which is not good for your baby. Dry Mattress Cleaning completely in case if you are using liquid items to clean it as it may lead to mold and mildew. Using a mattress that is completely old is not advisable as it may not be firm to support your baby in a proper manner. It is better to replace the old mattress with a new one than using the same old mattress that is not capable enough to support your baby.

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Professional Assistance: Squeaky Green Clean

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